Graduate Certificate in American Studies

The Graduate Certificate in American Studies is designed to offer KU graduate students in the humanities and social sciences a portable credential demonstrating their engagement with the field of American Studies, including exposure to interdisciplinary theory and methods. This certificate also provides enrichment or an introductory experience to the field for non-KU students.

The American Studies Graduate Certificate requires 12 hours of coursework:

  • AMS 801: Introduction to American Studies (3 hours)
  • AMS 802: Theorizing America or AMS 803: Research Methods in American Studies (3 hours)
  • Two electives in American Studies (6 hours)
    • Electives must be 700 level or higher and carry an AMS catalog number
    • AMS 804 and AMS 900 do not qualify

Program Costs

Most certificate-only students complete the program in one year or two semesters. Select "Graduate Students" in the first dropdown menu of Financial Aid & Scholarships' cost calculator to estimate your tuition and fee costs.


Graduate Certificate students do not receive funding from the Department of American Studies. Current KU students typically receive funding from their home degree programs, and non-KU students are not eligible for federal financial aid or departmental scholarships as they are not classified as degree-seeking students.

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