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Alumni Publications


Pinstripe Nation: The New York Yankees in
American Culture

by Will Bishop, PhD 2014

German Rocketeers in the Heart of Dixie:
Making Sense of the Nazi Past during the Civil
Rights Era

by Dr. Monique Laney, PhD 2009
Queerness in Heavy Metal Music: Metal Bent
(Routledge Studies in Popular Music)

by Amber R. Clifford-Napoleone, PhD 2007
Black Women in Sequence: Re-inking Comics,
Graphic Novels, and Anime

by Deborah E. Whaley, PhD 2002

Chasing Newsroom Diversity: From Jim Crow to
Affirmative Action

(History of Communication)

by Gwyneth Mellinger, PhD 2006
Mark Twain's Homes & Literary Tourism

by Hilary Lowe, PhD 2007
Clover Adams: A Gilded and Heartbreaking Life

by Natalie Dykstra, PhD 2000
Hollywood 9/11: Superheroes, Supervillians, and
Super Disasters

by Tom Pollard, PhD 1983
Disciplining Women: Alpha Kappa Alpha, Black
Counterpublics, and the Cultural Politics of
Black Sororities 

by Deborah Whaley, PhD 2002
Muhammad Ali: The Making of An Icon

by Mike Ezra, PhD 2001

Sex and Violence: The Hollywood Censorship

by Tom Pollard, PhD 1983
Parodies of Ownership: Hip-Hop Aesthetics
and Intellectual Property Law

by Richard Schur, PhD 2000
Internet Alley: High Technology in Tysons Corner,

by Paul Ceruzzi, PhD 1981