Minor in Chicanx and Latinx Studies

Welcome to the Chicanx and Latinx Studies minor! As an interdisciplinary program focused on social justice, culture, and history, the minor is designed to offer undergraduate students a dynamic understanding of the historical, social, and cultural complexities of Chicanx and Latinx communities in the United States. The minor also introduces students to the major conversations within this multi-faceted field, opening up the diversity of Chicanx and Latinx cultures and experiences to further exploration. Students enrolled in the minor are encouraged to engage with the social forces shaping the broad array of Chicanx and Latinx experiences in the United States and beyond. 


Faculty and students focus on a confluence of key questions underpinning that shape Chicanx and Latinx experiences and expressions, including those centered on gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity; politics and the Chicanx/Latinx vote; representation in literature, film, performance, art; experiences in education, the military, and the workplace; migration, nation, and citizenship; and the social and cultural dimensions of diaspora, migration, and transnationalism. The Chicanx and Latinx Studies minor brings together faculty from various disciplines, with the shared focus of bringing attention to the complexity and richness of the U.S. Chicanx and Latinx experience.


We invite you to enroll now and become a central part of these important conversations.

Our faculty stand in solidarity with our students of color on the campus of the University of Kansas. We support demands for specific, concrete actions towards a more inclusive and responsive campus that recognizes and addresses practices of exclusion that work through hierarchies of class, gender and sexuality, race, and ability, among others.

We are vested in the effort to understand Chicanx and Latinx histories as inseparable from the U.S. experience, and part and parcel of its making. We are committed to providing real education on the multiple disparities and practices of disenfranchisement that continue to divide our society. We understand stand ourselves as collectively accountable for creating our climate at KU where students feel safe and are heard.

Ready to Apply?

To apply for the Chicanx and Latinx Studies Minor, please contact the Chicanx and Latinx Coordinator